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Beijing to guide the International Wine Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the cultural group, specializing in the production and operation of Australian wine, a wholly owned subsidiary of. In 2012, the company invested heavily in the acquisition of Australia's most prestigious five star winery, the same year launched the company's first in order to guide the one, as the trademark of the Australian Red wine. "Commanding heights" from production to packaging strictly in accordance with the provisions of the South Australian wine industry, in the Australian winery in situ production, and in accordance with the standard of Chinese imports, taste and mouth feel, very suitable for the majority of China's wine consumer groups, won the unanimous praise.
Leading international wine companies continue to innovate the quality, in 2015 launched a "12 star of Australia" series. The series of red wine are the leading wine combined with Australia, the most famous of the five 12 star wineries carefully brewed, and to ensure that each bottle is imported from australia. Each constellation has a different taste of the three levels of wine models, in order to fit for the majority of consumer groups. Leading wine will also be the domestic market for high-end customers to set up a private exclusive custom constellation of red wine, a special service.
Walk in the forefront of the information age, to guide the development of the wine "12 constellation wines Australia direct marketing platform" not only has the traditional B2C model, more in both B2B mode at the same time, in Beijing investment line construction entity winery as tasting center, completed o2o perfect customer experience. And then in the national radiation hundreds of agents, to achieve full coverage of the market. Leading wine is committed to the quality of the Australian red wine to the people of the marketing model to enter the homes of ordinary people, to the benefit of every consumer.
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