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Beijing Tongling International Film Company Limited is guide the cultural group's flagship subsidiary. Founded in 2005, is the first batch of the State Administration of radio, film and television approved the certification of the "film, television drama production license" of the private film and television production. To guide the pictures after ten years hard development, has invested produced of Young Mao Zedong ";" wedding wedding things ";" on the other side of the mountain. The other side of the sea "more than wonderful TV series, broadcast word-of-mouth response and taste.
In the film creation, commanding the pictures to carry forward the main melody for the mission, go hand in hand with the August first film studio has produced the "Yan'an movie group.;" Yang Jia Gou day "which reflected that the Chinese revolution theme with profound educational meaning a profound influence on the film. Especially in "Yang Jia Gou day. As the representative, deeply reflects the rural land reform for the success of the Chinese revolution has great significance and far-reaching influence, but reflects a everlasting eternal truths," popular in the world.
To guide the pictures uphold the of national culture of the stick and loyalty, but also for the future of science and technology, investment 2D transfer 3D technology R & D has been walking in the domestic leading position. This also indicates that the command pictures of hope and future. To guide the pictures will continue to move forward in the correct road of development, keeping pace with the times, reform and innovation. At the same time, it will remain forever movie people respect and dedication to the cause!
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