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Beijing command of the Lifecare International Investment Holdings Ltd is to guide the group under the professional engaged in foreign investment business of the fully owned company. The company was founded in 2008, the registered capital of 700 million yuan. Company focused on investment direction devoted to the acquisition of the company, film and television drama investment, the construction of the Mercedes Benz car 4S shop, film and television base investment, investment in emerging technology companies.
Commanding investment has always adhered to the "cooperation, sharing, win-win" business philosophy, uphold the "integrity management, standardized management, coordinated development" business purposes. The company has a have rich experience in financial, legal, financial and other aspects of management of elite talent team, through a careful evaluation of project investment, establish a complete specification of the investment operation flow and risk control system, form a good management style, to win social reputation.
3D printing as a new technology has been the focus of attention of the group, the company invested in 2015 in Zhuhai, Weihai has built 3D printing technology park. Attention to the 3D printing technology services and application development in the field, for the customer provided 3D printing technology from product development to manufacturing a full range one-stop quality service, involving category includes sculpture, fashion, toys, construction sand table, industrial products, mold forming, 3D scanning, inverse to the engineering, prototype production. At the same time to provide customers with rapid prototyping, 3D scanner, 3D printer and other equipment.
Leading investment for 3D printing will continue to invest, in order to achieve the goal of international technology leadership and make unremitting efforts. Welcome to guide investment and the times!
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